In the UK we are very fortunate that there is a high state of awareness of the need for sustainability and environmental friendliness from the products we buy. In fact, every bespoke cabinet maker I know uses wood from sustainable sources. Managed forest wood is easy to source, sensibly priced and typically FSC monitored. This is no longer a product differentiator in the UK, and that is a wonderful testament to the way our clients now think.

It would be wrong of me to say that I have led an unblemished past with regards to keeping the world healthy. I had an American Pontiac from 1947 that never saw the right side of nine miles to the gallon, and I raced Alfa Romeos for a good few years. In fact I sincerely hope to race again !

I do believe we have an obligation to pay for what we consume. The world will not return to a pre-mechanised age, but maybe it can return to a cleaner time. For my part I have become a partner with Trees for the Future, an American charity that plants tree seeds around the world in locations where previously trees have been excessively cut. Here in the UK you can have a tree planted for about 10. Through Trees for the Future and their legions of volunteers around the globe you can have 500 seeds planted for just 30. To date I have helped get 7,000 new trees planted, and with each commission I plan to donate the modest funds necessary to have 500 trees planted. Each donation comes with a certificate from Trees for the Future that goes to the commission and the client, as they caused the donation.

Coincidentally it has been calculated that the typical developed world person creates the carbon dioxide that requires around 480 trees to be neutralised. This donation doesn't claim to make the client carbon neutral, but it does go some way to fixing the mess. And anyway, I just think it is so cool that we can say we helped plant 500 trees !