Circular extending pedestal dining table

A circular extending dining table is extraordinarily complex to make, and I believe this design covers ground not tried in a very long while ! The key innovation is that the core centre table is solid,and not made up of multiple moving components, so it looks and feels just like a regular table.

The clients were delighted as the form follows the solid oak beam architecture of the room, and looks like it should always have been there.


Asymmetric garden benches

These benches were the end result of a simple design idea... what happens when you rotate an asymmetric curve. The back elements are identical to the shape of the front of the seat, and the final result was a very confident design. The clients keeps showing them off to their friends, and for that I couldn't be happier.


Circular maple pedestal dining table

The circular dining table, made from maple, as a project was a whole load of fun to do.

It is finished in a lustrous Danish oil, which requires some maintenance, but gives a beautiful sheen.

There are many types of finish a client can choose from, from the most delicate French polish to the most durable lacquers.


Scandinavian style maple dining chair

This modern dining chair almost never happened. A delivery of wood was delayed two weeks. I decided to use the time to design a dining chair - and made a model of it in American walnut - with a conscious desire to capture the feeling of a classic Danish chair design, while using the fresh pale coluring of the maple wood in the final construction.

The leather upholstery was done locally in North Devon and as a whole I find the dining chair is very pleasing, being confident, simple, balanced and fit for purpose.


Chinese style walnut side table

What you see here is the first piece I made under the watchful eye of David Savage. In American walnut, with sycamore drawers, this Chinese influenced side table remains an accurate representation of the sort of piece I like to do, and pleases me to this day.

It is modern, fresh and quite original, but harks to a previous time, using traditional techniques, with frame and panel sides hand cut dovetails in the drawers and hand planed surfaces, but is still contemporary in tone.


Traditional walnut bureau desk

The clients who commissioned this bureau were taken by the Chinese style side table, and so I have incorporated many aspects of that piece in the bureau. Again with American walnut and sycamore, frame and panel hardwood construction, hand cut dovetails, and crisp clean lines, the bureau is arguably the finest piece I have made since my return to the UK.

The hinges are Brusso whenever possible as although they are ridiculously expensive, they a joy to look at, and their movement is second to none.


Japanese style garden table and bench

The client already had their eye on some garden furniture and I felt sure I could design something far more original and substantial within their budget. The design was inspired by a far more outrageous piece made by David Savage's workshop, with a strong Japanese motif in the design, but with all the practically required by family with growing children.

Iroko was chosen for the garden furniture as it is naturally an oily wood, its finish is a warm reddy brown that can be sealed or allowed to accept the effect of the elements, much like Teak but at a less extortionate cost!


Contemporary reclaimed wood coffee table

The arched coffee table was made from reclaimed Peroba Rosa, which is an amazingly hard wood native to the coast line of Sao Paulo state, and now forbidden from being cut.

The wood originally came from a demolished 100 year old factory north of the city, it has an incredible flame colour running through and I have never found another wood to come close in vibrancy and energy.

This is the last copy I have, and so would be very reluctant to ever sell it.

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Contemporary veneered flat pack side table

The square tables would flat pack and were also designed to use funky coloured Formica as well as exotic veneers such as the Zebrano and Imbuia you see here.

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Surf style oval coffee table

The oval table was suppose to be influenced by surfing, which is huge along the coast of Brazil, but I think I could have gone a little further with making this coffee table look more like a traditional long board.

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Lounge Chair

The chair detail is an unfinished lounge chair that is in storage, and I wan0t to find time to pull out and complete. It will have wicker weave for the seat and back support. Hopefully one day soon it will be here, finished!

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