Sometimes things have to be writ large for people to take notice. Jonathan had been working in the banking sector for well over a decade, and by the summer of 2000 was bored beyond belief. A general pleading with his management for something new landed him with a group of traders who needed someone to build a back-office support department in a new venture in Brazil. Within a week, Jonathan was on a flight to Sao Paulo to start what was generally recognised by his peers as the jammiest job in the building !

After fifteen months of loving Brazil and being less enamoured with life in the other hemisphere, it finally dawned on him that he didn’t have to always be an accountant in the back office of a bank. The Eureka moment happened, Jonathan metaphorically ran down the road naked, literally handed in his notice, packed his bags and moved to Brazil.

A passion for furniture in general and modern furniture design in particular got him scouring Sao Paulo’s libraries for books on furniture design, making sketches of the pieces he liked and building up an image library of his own.

As luck would have it his neighbour’s father had a workshop on the coast, north of Sao Paulo, so Jonathan whipped up a handful designs and spent some of the best months of his life commuting from beach house to workshop each day by bicycle over the long hot summer of 2002/2003.

Over the next four years Jonathan worked with a handful of local cabinet makers and became a cabinet maker in his own right, studying for three years under the watchful eye of Piero Calo at the Cosi di Legno cabinet making school in Sao Paulo. And so his love of cabinet making grew.

After four years making and selling furniture in Brazil, Jonathan decided to return to the UK, took further studies under David Savage and the brilliant Daren Millman and re-established his furniture business in the UK.

He now operates from a workshop in Cornwall, making bespoke pieces of high quality furniture for individual clients, many of which can be seen in the recent work section.